Creating Epub and Mobi


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Each Book in Multiple Formats

When preparing books for publication, the idea floats on the horizon that one day this will have to be converted to EPUB and MOBI too.

Sure, it feels like sorting arrays by hand. And let’s not think about the messy HTML and awful typography that comes out of these “Export as…” menus.

It turns out that multiple formats isn’t so hard if you plan for it from day zero:

$ gem install prophecy

There. Now it feels like array.sort!

Yearly Maintenance Notes With PmWiki

When every year you have to figure out the same things over and over…

Where to get that paint? When to start preparing the newsletter? Who to call to fix the plumbing?

Perhaps it is time to collect and organize these notes somehow. Say, in a maintenance wiki.

Maintenance Wiki - Scheduled notes