Libs and Kits

Prophecy Book Boilerplate Book boilerplate to generate books as EPUB, MOBI, and PDF from simple Markdown text files. Or from HTML. Or from LaTeX. Or mixed. Github
Maintenance Wiki A pre-configured PmWiki with plugins to kickstart a maintenance wiki. Github
Hark A LaTeX documentclass for small booklets or quote collections, based on memoir. Github
Opus A LaTeX documentclass for books with a classical or somber content, based on memoir. Github
Mnemosyne A LaTeX documentclass for poetry with verse numbering in the margin. Github
Anecdote A LaTeX documentclass with a contemporary style for books with a lighter content, based on memoir. Github
Wallcalendar Wallcalendar LaTeX documentclass used to produce the Forest Sangha Calendar, in 15 languages. Github