Maintenance Wiki


A pre-configured PmWiki with plugins to kickstart a maintenance wiki.

Clone the source or download a zip.

It’s got Boostrap 3, EpicEditor and MultiMarkdown.

Very simple to setup. Copy the files, set your folder permissions and you are good to start. More details in the README.

Collecting and organizing yearly tasks

  • schedule notes and list them in order
  • notes by categories and page groups
  • look up how to perform a job, who to call, where to get that paint, etc.
  • control access to sensitive information (which user gets to see or edit which pages)
  • is not a calendar, is not a TODO manager, there are other great tools which take care of that

Maintenance Wiki - Scheduled notes

The pieces that make it up:

  • PmWiki for the wiki
  • A Bootstrap 3 skin for user interface
  • EpicEditor for text input and quick preview
  • MultiMarkdown for the main content
  • Useful extras:
    • TextExtract for better in-wiki search
    • RenamePage
    • PowerTools
    • NewPageBoxPlus